Something other than Socks – Haruni Shawl Complete

Yummy Yarn Sock Club members know that we made good time this month with our shipments which meant that I had some valued personal knitting time.

When I went to England in January, I purchased a skein of market spice Wollmeise at the Loop in London.  I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  I loved the colour BUT NOT the FEEL of the yarn.  In my hand it was string!  That really was the only way to describe it. Having 150g (510yds), I thought the Haruni Shawl by Emily Ross.  Many have said the pattern was difficult, but I found that with a quick review of the written instructions, the graphs were awesome and not difficult at all.

I love the way the pattern created a texture as I knit and struggled with the idea of blocking it, but unblocked it was way too small for much more than a bandana.

The “leaves” of the pattern created peeks and valleys.

Laid out it made me thing of a stingray.


As tempted as I was to leave it I did block the shawlette hoping that the yarn would soften with the gentle wash.

Quincy served as guard over the process.  What is it about clean laundry and pets?  They seem to be two entities destined for connection.

In the end, I love the colour and the pattern.  I am NOT a Wollmeise fan and likely won’t be tempted again and I am still not sure what the fuss is about.  I would however do this pattern again with a dk weight and, as a matter of fact, ordered some dk 50/50 Merino- Silk this morning that may just do the job.  That and perhaps a sweater (there is enough for both of us) for a certain “fan” who has an endless envy for some Strawberry Tea.  She knows who she is ;-)

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3 Responses to Something other than Socks – Haruni Shawl Complete

  1. Katrein says:


    BTW, love the dress form!

  2. Sorry Hon, not you. We will chat if you have been a secret admirer.

  3. Lori says:

    Love the texture of the unblocked version. Makes me think of fallen leaves.

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