Looking for the Right Pattern

il_fullxfull_399909439_cp6kAs mentioned recently, I have become reaquainted with my spinning wheels. Over the last year, my time has been so caught up with my knitting that I forgot how cathartic the wheel can be. I ordered some roving from an american dyer Widdershine Woolworks. I was attracted by the name, but now I am in love with her Polworth/silk blends. When the roving arrived (with a partner and a sister because who can have just one of anything yummy) I saw right away that it had 4 repeats. my immediate reaction was to split the 4, doubly ply the halves and voila a pair of hand dyed, hand spun, nearly identical socks.  roving

I am a novice spinner and undoubtedly, any of you who have looked closely can see that I tend toward art yarn and a very loose twist at that.  I am not looking to fix this.  I love the soft yarn that results and in this case the silk is adding plenty of strength to the yarn for what ever I decide to knit.  On the other hand, spinning is meditative, and my mind wanders at will while my hands magically produce this beautiful thing.  So of course, my sock thoughts wonder.

Problem 1:  I weigh the skein I have vs the skein to be 60g vs 40g.  Problem you ask confused?  Yes, there is a problem, of course I could do a toe up sock to use the 40g to the best of my ability BUT that leaves 60g that will not make the same sock in the same colour dispensation which was the point of splitting the thing in the first place.  DANG!  Now I wonder again “solutions”  there as to be another way….

Spinning friends say….” change the project”  make a hat and some fingerless.  you can further split the 40g not yet spun so 20g each for some shorty cuffs.  “BUT” my mind screams, “I wanted socks!”

Lesson learned – remember there is a sister skein still in the basket.

So what to do with this double skein?  I don’t look good in hats.  I won’t wear it so don’t even go there.  100g… too much for mitts which between you and me, I am done with for the time being.  Have you seen how many pairs I’ve knit this year?  Shawlette…. okay I can wrap my head around that.  Now here is the BUT; I can’t decide which one.  I have been on ravelry for days stalking all of you and your projects.  Garter sts is the only attractive use of a wild and crazy yarn for a shawlette in my opinion.  I’ve faved Wingspan.  Noted Lintilla and fallen in love with the Eiki Shawl.  None of which I have anywhere near enough yarn.  I think Lintilla is the fore front for the time being but I could easily be persuaded otherwise.  I do have the second roving that I could add to the amount I have now which you know will be too much and then not enough for something else. Sigh.

HELP!?  I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and can’t figure my way out.  Suggestions are gratefully accepted.

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7 Responses to Looking for the Right Pattern

  1. Katrein says:

    Stella luna or city block shawl or iris-goddess of rainbow shawl

  2. Katrein says:


  3. Katrein says:


  4. Techie says:

    It might need a little finagling, but have you considered (at least with lintilla) knitting the body in your spun yarn and the ruffled bit in a solid contrast colour? From what I can tell from the photos though, it might require some form of intarsia.

  5. Kelly says:

    Wondrlanding’s Papilio Cowl. The lace butterflies will look beautiful in the gradient colours!

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