Guest Speaking Invitation

This past fall (I think that it was September) I was invited to be the guest speaker for the Heritage Weavers and Spinners Guild of Calgary.  The subject that was suggested was creating a Fibre Art Business.  “Ok,” I thought, “I can do this”. After all isn’t this what I do?

So, last evening I gathered up some samples of my designs, patterns and yarns along with my 3 ladies of amazing support and love (fellow business associates and partner J, J and L) and off we went.  The group wasn’t what I expected but then, I’m not sure what I expected.  About 25 ladies crowded in to politely listen to me ramble on for an hour.  The hit of the show however was the show and tell.  Not the presentation.  No one in the audience had any intent on starting a fibre art business. Yikes!  BUT, 25 new people know me, my company and my business partner and associates exist.

Perhaps more importantly and what I am choosing to focus on today is the 3 women that came with me.  They sacrificed group knit night (Chicks with Stix had their evening meeting last night) to join and support ME.  As J 1 put it, “you know we love you?” But actually no, I don’t always “know” that.  This isn’t because they tell me any different but instead, it is ALL me that doesn’t believe it.  How can I possibly be worthy?

Today, I am going to trust that I was and am worthy of them being there for me.  The trip to the Starbucks which became the pub because SB wasn’t open when we arrived was 4 women, knitting supporting, laughing and enjoying each other.  The presentation???? It was OK.  I didn’t embarrass myself more than once or twice and I stayed on time and subject which is a challenge for this girl.  But above and beyond all else, I was loved and that was a good thing.


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Always an entrepreneur, I am striving to combine my loves of fibre art and business.
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2 Responses to Guest Speaking Invitation

  1. Lisa-Marie haugmoen says:

    What a wonderful thing it is to have support and love. Never think you are less than awesome! I see that strange thing in the mirror every morning and I say to her” I don’t know who the hell you are, but I’m going to help you brush your teeth and … Oh by the way you’re AWESOME! “

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