Catch-up Time

It is winter again. I don’t really know why I expect any different? Every year I tell Hubby “Watch, March 1 will be amazing and March 2 will be a snow storm.” Every year he replies “Where do you come up with these silly thoughts?”

He’s wrong, again unfortunately, I am right. In like a lamb and out for the rest of the month like a lion. Spring was definitely in the air for at least the past month and although I should not have gotten my hopes up, I did…

So here we are, the 4th of March under a blanket of roughly a foot of snow. It could e worse. I woke up this morning to the sound of gears being ground by a very large truck, Turns out my neighbour is moving out. Yup, could be worse.

On a good note, it’s catch up time. I spent Saturday afternoon with the camera catching up and photographing a bunch of projects that have been done for a while.

remember the yarn I spun?roving Well the shawl Halyard by Tetiana Otruta is finished.  The edging in the original pattern wasn’t catching my fancy so I improvised with a simpler edging.  When I soaked the shawl for blocking, the yellow ran from the original roving and tinted the white yarn a beautiful tea dye.  Bleeding could not have been more perfect for this project.  The yellowed yarn compliments the handspun perfectly.

I am not a great spinner.  I am at best novice but love the rhythm of the wheel and the Zen state that I enter while I convert roving into what may be called “passable yarn.”  Once knit, it was perfect yarn.  The pattern was perfect (thank you Katrien for the suggestion).  I think you’ll agree?







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3 Responses to Catch-up Time

  1. Lovely colours and a perfect stitch pattern!

  2. Zenitude says:

    Such a beautiful shawl. You did a great job spinning the yarn. I added the shawl to my favorites.

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