Thank You!

I can not believe the outpouring of love that I have felt this last week. Thank you to those who spoke to me, Facebook me and left comments here and I also know in my heart there are those of you that quietly keep me in your thoughts.

I started this new journey mid March with a heart wrenching ache. My next step was to constantly reiterate my mantra “fall down 7 times, stand up 8″. I would wake up every day to dread and disbelief thinking maybe I would eventually find myself in a hospital be after a bad accident and coma, waking up to see it never happened.

Not so.

I have however been given gifts during this journey that were never expected. Friends have been everything. In spite of what I have wanted, I have been given everything I needed. A shoulder to cry on. A kick in the A$$. A glass of wine. A home for Daegan. A temperary home for me. A job.

Although I continue to meditate with “Fall down 7 times, stand up 8″ I have also added “I have been given every thing I NEED.” The universe is being good to me and I am reminding myself that it is a gift.

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One Response to Thank You!

  1. Lisa-Marie haugmoen says:

    Sam,I love you! You give everyone hope.
    You are a strong woman. I know how hard it is to have everything taken from you. I am so happy that things are on their way to getting back into a semblance of balance. I think of you everyday and was so glad to read you had a place to stay and a job. Cudos and yay girl power!

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